Medical Billing FAQ’s

We can be completely ready to start billing within 3-5 business days. The only times that it may take longer are when we are waiting on technology and setting up certain systems based on the doctor’s needs.
Enrolling in Medicare will take somewhere between 45-60 days. Medi-cal will be within six months but possibly longer. But you will still be reimbursed for the services that you are providing during that time. It just takes that long to get going.
We will spend as long as is necessary to make it a highly functional operation. The bottom line is that if everyone knows what they are doing this entire process runs for smoothly for everyone. We want to make this a seamless process and never cause there to be more work than what is necessary.
We do. We will provide that and give you any information on changes that are being implemented as they come.
We have been in business since 1985. We have 32 years experience in this field and have been successfully serving the Inland Empire, the Central Valley and other Southern California locations.The majority of our growth has been through word of mouth. Satisfied customers who have enjoyed working with us and pass along our information to their colleagues have been the key to our longevity.
We specialize in anesthesiology, internal and family medicine, general surgery and all aspects of surgery specialty and rehabilitation practices. If you have questions about your particular medical focus, please call us.
The faster that we get the information from you, the faster it gets to the third party who is going to pay the bill and the faster you will get your reimbursement. Timeliness and submission of the data to us make all the difference. We will turn around information given to us within 24 hours. As an example, a “clean” claim submitted to the Medicare Intermediary will be paid, on average, in 15 calendar days. Commercial Insurance Companies such as Aetna, United Healthcare, Healthnet etc. normally will pay in the 25-45 day window
For external reports, they will be available within 24 hours, and if the doctor has their own internal system, then those reports are available at any time.
A tough situation arises when a doctor is not getting paid for the services that they have performed. Some patients will have an outstanding balance after their insurance and the patients will receive a statement for those outstanding balances. Where we are not a collection agency, we are a billing service and an extension of the doctor’s practice. At that point when the patient is not paying the outstanding balance, we want to direct this issue to the doctor and let them make the call so as not to destroy the physician/patient relationship. We will follow the guidelines that are set up by the doctor for the non paying patients. Once again, we want to be flexible and work alongside you to best suit your needs at your practice.