Our History

ick Conway is no stranger to the medical community. In 1975 he worked at the City of Cambridge in their Health and Hospitals Division assisting the Health Commissioner in a public health facility as well as regional clinics within the city of Cambridge. He worked with Harvard University affiliated physicians and surgeons. That’s where he made his connections that enabled him to move on to his next project. In 1980 Dick moved to California to become an administrator for a hospital-based medical group. The medical group was running the burn unit and the emergency room at the San Bernardino County Medical Center in San Bernardino, California. Due to contractual issues between the medical group and the Medical Center, the agreement was not extended beyond its initial term.

At the time, physicians who were hospital based were employed by the hospital and were paid a salary regardless of what services were performed. But then Medicare came in and wanted to do away with that model. They instead wanted to implement a fee for service model, where the physicians would not be employees but their compensation would based upon the services provided. Dick Conway and a partner saw the need that doctors had to change over to this new system and that was the beginning stages of their new medical billing company. They would enroll them in Medicare and Medi-Cal and bill for all the services that they provided.

In 1985, Dick bought out his partner and set up PHY DATA, INC. which was incorporated in September of 1985. From these humble beginnings, we have continued to thrive in this ever-changing industry. From the multiple changes to Medicare to the passing of the Affordable Care Act, PHY DATA, INC. has been at the forefront of helping physicians with all of their medical billing needs.

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Who We Are


Our mission is to provide a cost effective, comprehensive financial solution for a doctor’s medical practice so as to maximize reimbursement for services provided.

Is to provide a cost effective, comprehensive financial solution for a doctor’s medical practice. We want to maximize their reimbursement so that the physician gets paid for the level of service provided. We do this by partnering with the physician and his staff. We know that no two doctors or practices are the same, so we do not treat them the same. We are not a cookie-cutter business. Instead, we seek to work alongside them.

If you are a new doctor, we have years of experience in helping you start your career. From enrolling in Medicare to proper medical coding, we have a proven track record that will help you and ensure an easier road for you as you start your practice.

We Are Flexible.

We understand that every physician is different. That’s why we have lots of available services but ultimately want to partner with you. If you have a set and established process or procedure, we can work with that. Do you need daily, weekly or quarterly reports? We can either generate those for you or even let your office staff have access to pull these reports at any time that you would need.

We Are Cost Effective.

To do all of your medical billing in-house means that you need to hire an individual. And with that comes the extra taxes, costs, and benefits that come along with that position.

  • We are trained and highly experienced in any arena of medical specialty. There are avenues that your in-house medical billing staff could miss, meaning that you are missing out on possible revenue.
  • We work to make sure that we are maximizing your reimbursements for all of the services that were provided.
  • We are dedicating to serving you and to ensuring that for every service that you provide to your patients, you are in turn receiving the appropriate reimbursement. It is important to remember that the level of service billed must be supported by the appropriate level of documentation by the physician.