Inland Medical Billing Services

Enrolling with Fiscal Intermediaries

If you are a new doctor or a new group, we will assist you in the credentialing of various intermediaries such as Medicare and Medi-Cal. For a doctor to get paid by Medicare, they will need to enroll, which is a long and involved process. The government needs to verify that the physician is, in fact, a doctor and not a fraudulent operation.

Medi-Cal has a similar enrollment process. If it is a group practice, the whole group needs to set up, and then each physician needs to be set up with Medicaid and or Medi-Cal. PHY DATA, INC will handle this entire enrollment process for you.
We know what goes into this process and will shoulder the burden of ensuring that all paperwork and needed items are provided so that this is a seamless process.

Medical Practice Reporting

We also can help with all of your capitated reporting. As you have patients coming in from a health maintenance organization, we will assist you in the monthly reporting, or the level of reporting that is required. We also can get you the reports that you require for your practice. We can keep you updated on every patient seen for the day up to a report showing activity for the month or quarter. It just depends on what you need.

PHY DATA, INC can be as detailed as patient specific to more the general bottom line. What information is required by your accountant? We can work with the physician’s accountant and provide them with what they need. If there is any level of information that you require, we are more than happy to provide that documentation to you.

Office/Hospital Base Operations

Having a strong office staff is vital. And with medical billing, this is particularly the case. The key to maximizing revenue is at the front desk where you are collecting the necessary information to bill. One of the services that we offer is to help maximize efficiency at your front desk. We will either set up or review your office operations to make sure that you are maximizing the use of your staff.

PHY DATA, INC will ensure that your office staff is getting all the correct information to bill, and ensure that you are billing for all of the services that you perform. We want to make sure that no services are falling in between the cracks.

In the case of a hospital-based practice, and with the physician’s assistance, we will interface directly with the Admitting Office/ Fiscal Services/Medical Records staff to insure that we have the appropriate information to complete the billing process.

Who We Are


Our mission is to provide a cost effective, comprehensive financial solution for a doctor’s medical practice so as to maximize reimbursement for services provided.